Capitol Hill Show Thursday June 30th

July 1, 2016

3 Time Olympian turned Las Vegas Escort Suzy Favor Hamilton shares her story of mental illness and recovery. Also, former US Attorney Matt Whitaker weighs in on the Attorney General meeting with Bill Clinton privately while the Justice department probes criminal activity by Hillary.


Capitol Hill Show Wednesday June 29th

June 30, 2016

Counter terrorism expert Neil Livingstone joins Tim to talk about the attack on the Istanbul airport and former Obama and John Kerry campaign staffer Mark Hannah debates Tim on whether Obama is a great president, or a failed leader.


Capitol Hill Show Tuesday June 28th

June 29, 2016

House Select Committee on Benghazi member Jim Jordan joins Tim and talks about the facts surrounding September 11, 2012 and Charlie Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, one of the four Americans killed that night weighs in with Tim as well.


Capitol Hill Show Monday June 27th

June 28, 2016

Constitutional expert joins Tim to review the Supreme Court decision on abortion, Tim chats up Marco Rubio's US Senate opponent and is free speech dead in the USA?


Capitol Hill Show Friday June 24th

June 27, 2016

Tim talks and economic expert about Britain quitting the EU, speaks with a conservative columnist who doesn't believe any Muslim should ever be allowed to immigrate to the US again, and learns about a proposal for Nancy Reagan National Park.


Capitol Hill Show Thursday June 23rd

June 24, 2016
Tim breaks down the Supreme Court decisions and their potential impacts with legal expert and Project 21 representative Horace Cooper. Also, who will the major Presidential candidates choose as their VP pick?

Capitol Hill Show Wednesday June 22nd

June 23, 2016

Tim explores why Marco Rubio has decided to come back to the public trough. Constantine also talks with a former leader of the Tea Party movement who warns it is now filled with greed and corruption.


Capitol Hill Show Tuesday June 21st

June 22, 2016

Tim digs into what socialism really is and why it is gaining popularity in the US. He also offers advice to Marco Rubio on the Senator's future. Finally…do animals think? Tim offers the evidence.